A downloadable game

Available on Steam!

A hostile machine species is threatening to exterminate all life in the galaxy.
The only hope lies upon the shoulders of the unsuspecting crew of the space ship 'The Herkulez'.
Will you help them unravel the mystery behind the threat and bring back peace?

Test your skills by steering the Herkulez through asteroid belts and battle fields!

  • Intuitive and precise controls: mouse-only
  • Mouse wheel controls speed of vertical scrolling in some levels!

  • Story mode with 9+ levels; unlimited tries per savepoint
  • Arcade game mode: through the whole game without a click; tries limited to fixed number
  • Customize game mode: upgrade your ship as you see fit; upgrades and tries are limited by the amount of collected energy crystals
  • Choose your preferred difficulty setting - from laid-back to punishing

  • 3 extra challenges; one of them a multi-level maze
  • 15 steam achievements
  • Discover hidden levels, be ready for random boss encounters, and prove yourself worthy of the hall of fame!

Contact: taoth.committee[at]gmail.com